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Our omegle video chat alternative

Over many years, the development of the Internet has produced many great chat services, like ! Thanks to video chats, friends all over the planet could stay in touch. One of the most popular sites for chats with strangers is the popular service Omegle, along with chatroulette and chatrandom.

What is Omegle?

On Omegle, people connect with random chat partners who want to have fun. We do it exactly the same way in our video chat too!

Omegle works like a random chat exchange - You don't pick your partner, but the app randomly decides with whom you will be connected. It is an anonymous one to one chat based on Web RCT technology, where one chatter is connected to another and can talk to them via webcam and microphone. Talk now to strangers!

  • Randomly selected chat partners

    The random principle decides with whom you will be connected at Omegle. Fun is guaranteed there!

  • Chatter from around the world

    Whether from America, England, Germany or France, your chat partners come from all over the world.

  • Highest quality video and audio

    Our technology allows you to enjoy a video and audio chat in the highest quality.

There are no filters on Omegle chat! There is a little moderation and therefore videochatters of different categories can meet each other. Of course, there are problems with the protection of minors because of this. Omegle has been online since 2009 and has become a popular video chat site even next to the competition like Chatroulette or Chatrandom. More than a thousand Omegle chat users are online at the same time, are looking for a chat partner or are already have a fun. About 15 minutes is the average chat duration. Before chatting, the user can enter his data, which makes it easier to find the right partner for the desired topic to find.

Screenshot of a our omegle live chat

Filter: Besides the gender, it is also possible on Omegle tv that you meet interlocutors, that you did not expect, such as male chatters who expose themselves. This leads to the fact that you can easily block and report him. A German chatter can thus find a partner in Germany as well as one who lives in England or America. Better one speaks at least English, but German goes in many cases also! A webcam is mandatory in the Omegle chat and this must also be activated.

Criticisms and problems!

Omegle has come under fire in recent years for being a bad moderated video chat app. There is no real moderation and the chats between the individual partners are completely anonymous. It can already happen that children talk to adults who have no particular noble intentions. That is why Omegle is not usable for people under 13 years of age.As soon as you are under 13 and you are seen on live video chat, you will be reported to mods and you will be kicked out of the video chat. Those who are under 18 should also get their parents' consent please. It is possible to report a user and also have their IP tracked, but there is usually only a successful effect in the case of criminal offenses. Omegle therefore continues to work on improving its various videochat functions to protect minors. Protection of minors to ensure less harassment! If you want to start an Omegle tv chat, start now and behave!

  • Moderation : One of the options on Omegle is to have the chats moderated. However, this is not a mandatory option, so only those who choose to have their chats moderated have this feature. There is also a restriction on the chats that people under 18 can participate in, and they need parental permission. However, there doesn't seem to be any verification of the age limit, so it could be bypassed.
  • Advantages : Although Omegle has many critics, there is a reason why some people want to join. For young adults who have trouble making friends, it can be a great way to meet others with a similar interest. Some people like to chat with new people and find out more about them. Video chat is not the only way to connect, so those who just want to send messages can do so. Omegle tv app claims to be moderated by real people.
  • Disadvantages : Parents should be careful that their under-16 children do not use Omegle Chat.Due to the random nature of the chats, bullies can go undetected and cause a problem. Those who try to chat with kids for criminal reasons will like the fact that it is random and hard to track. Parents cannot tell who their children are talking to. Children can share personal information with anyone on the site.There is no age verification.
  • What can parents do? It is a good idea to make sure that parents are aware of the dangers of Omegle TV Chat and teach their children about the dangers of such chat sites. If they feel that they can safely let their children use the random chat site, it is important to make sure that no personal information is shared. Insisting that all chats be done with parents present or via text chat instead of video chat can also help lower the risk. As with all online activities, it is important that parents teach their children the importance of online safety and report anything suspicious.
  • Ready for a random chat partner here on Omegle? Start Omegle Video Chat now! We wish you a lot of fun!